Why Invest in Panama
Panama is one of the fastest growing countries in the Americas. Its economy is greatly influenced by the canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and business-friendly regulations. As a result, service sector with insurance, finance, legal industries and flagship registry accounts for 80% of GDP.
The Canal provides Panama a large, steady, dependable income and will continue to for years to come. It’s a source of thousands of well-paid jobs. But there is more than the Canal to Panama: International banking, maritime services, manufacturing and shipping combine to provide more jobs and tax revenue than the Canal. For example, Colon’s free zone, which has had a dramatic impact on the economy, employing twice as many people as the Canal.
The wild inflation that has plagued several Latin American nations doesn’t exist here.
Panama has a first-world infrastructure: a US style capital city with high-speed internet, the 2nd largest Free Trade Zone in the world, a banking sector with 90+ banks, first-rate hotels and the best shopping in LATAM. The highway infrastructure, medical care, telecommunications & services are excellent-comparable to the USA as noted in the ARRP's Modern Maturity magazine.
Panama has high quality healthcare and modern hospitals. Panamanian doctors generally complete their studies and residencies in other countries and bring their knowledge back to Panama. Many MDs are also affiliated with top hospitals and medical schools in the US like John Hopkins. Punta Pacifica Hospital is one of the many hospitals in Panama known for having standards as high as those in North America. Panama also has lower costs for drugs and health care. The average Panamanian earns $500 per month and healthcare pricing is generally set accordingly.
Panama was voted No.1 country in the world to retire by the New York Times in 2013.
There are direct flights to Panama City from many major US cities: LA, NYC, Washington D.C., Newark, Boston, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Orlando and more. Among the airlines provide direct flights to Panama from the USA are: American Airlines, Copa, United and Delta to mention a few. Air travel to Panama City increased by 22% in 2012 and Air France increases its flight offering to Panama.
Panama’s privileged geographic position, stable government, world-class infrastructure and more has caused it to become the most important Logistic Hub of North and South America rivaling logistics hubs in Asia, North America and Europe.
Made up of the Panama Canal, the Atlantic and the Pacific Ports, the Free Trade Zone, Tocumen International Airport, the Panama Canal Railway and the Pan-American Highway, the Panama Intermodal Logistic Hub provides world class service, reliability, and efficiency to all of its users.
Panama appeals to a wide range of demographics. From retiring baby boomers to young tech expats to families looking for a better life. Families moving from countries like Brazil, Colombia, UK and the USA are drawn to Panama for its comparatively affordable lifestyle, excellent private school system and it’s safe urban center.
Panama hold free democratic elections. Panamanians enjoy freedom of speech, press, and religion. Panama ranked as one of the safest countries in Central America.
There are no required special permits, registration or authorization to qualify as an investor.

Panama is the fastest growing country in Latin America and one of the fastest in the world